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The MapleStory 2 crew explained the procedure in its MS2 Mesos entire announcement to Kotaku:"All the items under the'Design Shop' are made by players, not Nexon. Our policy is to let players create, however we review and prohibit players and content based on ToS and reports of offensive content.We actively monitor the Design Shop for offensive material as well as possess a reporting system so players may report content that they find offensive through built-in tools.

Depending on the report, we closely review every single item and remove the item in the store, and by the stock of the players that bought, and ban player accounts. Content containing sexual, racist, hateful or other inappropriate items are flagged higher in priority for elimination. We've been behaving very quickly and ask that whenever players see these items in the shop to report immediately using the report button.

Considering that the volume of the reports, there has been a delay in the inspection procedure. We are trying our very best to continue to decrease the gap and accelerate the reaction time to generate a better game and best price for Maple Story 2 Mesos keep a respectful community" At the time of the writing, players've definitely found ways around the ban of this phrase"trump," for instance.

While some players clearly want to discuss their political views, others just wish to get sex-related articles in there. Seeking"hub," for instance, yields clothing items using a riff on the PornHub emblem. Searching for"pride" in the Meret Market yields gay and trans pride themed items, but you'll also be able to discover a shirt which says"Proud To Be White," using the tag"WhitePower."


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