Woven Wilton area

Woven Wilton area rugs can make a spectacular addition to your home!. Wilton rugs are named for the place where they first started, Wilton, in the south west of England. Polypropylene fibers come in two main varieties BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) and Heat Set, whilst both should have the same wear properties to have softer wool like touch. Wilton rugs feature a variety of surface textures, from level cut pile to multi-level loop pile. 
Face-to-face Wilton carpets are made on a different type of loom, which is particularly favored for the manufacture of area rugs. Technological advancement has also allowed us to offer Wilton rugs, using quality manmade yarns and the same Wilton weave construction. Wilton rugs are usually woven on a pile surface of polypropylene or wool although few of them are produced in viscose or jute. Wilton carpet can be woven with cut pile velvet but that may be the main difference with Axminster carpets, also with loop pile or eventually cut and loop pile. Each individual yarn stands straight and is clearly differentiable, whereas plush pile yarns low melt yarn tend to merge together. A Wilton carpet can also be used in residential applications but Wilton area rugs are more common for domestic use than for wall-to-wall carpeting. 
They are generally woven on "Face to face" Wilton looms. A rug is a great way to create texture in a room with hard flooring and protect areas of heavy wear on fitted carpets. The finish and choice of designs is superb. Wilton rugs are very long-lasting as they do not show foot prints. Wilton Carpets offer a wide range of wool-rich Wilton rugs which have been woven on a high speed Wilton loom. Polypropylene is favored by manufactures because it is inexpensive, easy to produce, stain resistant and is virtually problem-free during weaving. Many hotel chains, theatres and casinos use Wilton rugs. You will find a great selection of Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Afghan rugs, Pakistan rugs, and Chinese rugs as well as Wilton weave rugs in a variety of designs and textures. Few Wilton carpets are also made from synthetic manmade fibers. Of all the rugs, Wilton rugs became very popular over the years. So go and get your own Wilton rug from a local store or just place an online order to lift your home interior.A great looking rug can add that extra interest and make a significant difference to the ambience of your room. It is important to remember that the "weavers" referred to here were cloth weavers, who were literally ignorant of carpet weaving. 
You can purchase Wilton rugs in a variety of designs in hand tufted, hand knotted, and machine woven and in various color combinations and textures to meet your independent taste. When the wool trade declined, cloth making took over and Wilton became a weaving town, with the rivers Wylye and Nader providing the water which is essential in various stages of cloth manufacture