Everyone makes mistakes from time to time

  To get the maximum benefit from branded watches, they should be used carefully, emphasizing their premium value. Here are some ideas for using company metal bearing logo watches to best effect:- As internal rewards. For example, celebrate particular milestones or exceptional acheivment with a high quality watch gift. - Motivational prizes. Offer watches as prizes for hitting sales targets or beating deadlines.- High profile product launches, or new company launches.

Give away watches at your launch event. A watch is looked at on average 30 times a day, which makes it the perfect vehicle for getting your logo in front of the eyes of journalists and reminding them about your new company or product.- Customer bonuses. Use watches as bonus items for clients whose business exceeds a certain level. You’ll encourage your customers to spend that little bit more with you, and at the same time, put your logo on their wrist reminding them of what great service you offer (30 times a day!)- Apology items.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. If you’ve made an error, make it up to the customer by offering them a quality watch, branded of course, as a way of saying sorry. Not only will you be showing them you care, but you’ll be putting your corporate image on their wrist for years to come.



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