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security screen mesh can withstand long-term severe weather or environmental corrosion factors such as acid rain damage. Maishi's security screen mesh is a new high-quality new material from abroad. The diamond mesh manufacturer maishi is processed through strict and careful production technology. The maishi structure design is people-oriented, truly achieves no obstruction, no obstruction, no pressure, and the interior is always bright and natural.


security screen mesh security window is made of high quality stainless steel wire weaving. Each is a 0.5---0.8 mm 304 stainless steel mesh that has been subjected to rigorous standard testing. It can withstand a pressure of 2.148 tons and a steel bar of 4.55 kilograms. It greatly enhances the ability to prevent smashing and shearing. Ventilation and anti-theft. The surface can be treated by electrophoretic spraying for a long time to resist various severe weather or environmental corrosion factors, such as acid rain damage, the structure design is people-oriented, truly achieve no barrier, no obstruction, no pressure, indoors to keep bright and natural at any time, it is a set Anti-theft anti-mosquito easy to remove and wash as one of the first choice for high-end home. It is the best alternative to traditionally controlled security windows.



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