Stainless steel mesh security screen is the most popular and safe choice

Many people who decorate a new house or a high-end villa, or a factory to choose a window screen, do not know which one to choose. The professional Xiaobian tells everyone that now we must choose the stainless mesh security screen, which is made of stainless steel wire after a certain weaving method and then through plastic processing. The stainless mesh security screen composed of this kind of raw material is more sturdy, and it is more capable of preventing the security against theft and preventing certain ultraviolet rays. stainless mesh security screen to choose according to gauze material: gauze has domestic and imported points. Most of the imports are interwoven gauze; domestically produced are fiberglass mesh, and some are made of plastic. Imported high-quality gauze can be tens of thousands of push-pull friction without deformation; domestic glass fiber can only withstand thousands of times; and plastic window gauze because of the material relationship, it is easy to expand and contract, the probability of deformation is large. Therefore, the imported gauze should be preferred. Gauze is an indispensable part of screens, so choosing a gauze of good material is crucial.



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