Good manufacturer of screen printing mesh

The screen printing mesh screen has a large printing area and can save a lot of ink. Printing is fast and the time for completing the work is short. The economic cost of using it is also low.

Generally, the printing area such as offset printing and embossing prints a maximum size of a full sheet size, which exceeds the full sheet size and is limited by mechanical equipment. Screen printing mesh can be used for large-area printing. Today's screen printing products can reach a maximum of 3 meters x 4 meters or even larger.

Hebei Maishi is a professional manufacturer of screen printing meshs, with first-class advanced technology and equipment to ensure that each product is of high quality. The above is the introduction of the advantages and features of the screen printing mesh. Understand the characteristics of screen printing, in the selection of printing methods, you can develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, highlight the advantages of screen printing, in order to achieve a more ideal printing effect.


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