Screen printing mesh good product

The main features of screen printing:

1. The screen printing .mesh printing force is small. Since the pressure used in printing is small, it is also suitable for printing on a fragile shopping body.

2, screen printing mesh can use a variety of types of ink. Namely: various types of inks such as oily, water-based, synthetic resin emulsion type, and powder.

3. The layout is soft. The screen printing plate is soft and has a certain elasticity, which is not only suitable for printing on soft articles such as paper and cloth, but also suitable for printing on hard articles such as glass, ceramics and the like.

4. It is not limited by the surface shape of the substrate and the size of the area. As can be seen from the foregoing, screen printing can be printed not only on a flat surface but also on a curved surface or a spherical surface; it is suitable not only for printing on small objects but also for printing on large objects. This printing method has great flexibility and wide applicability.

The screen printing mesh has a strong three-dimensional effect. The texture of the rich offset and embossed ink layer is generally 5 microns, the gravure is about 12 microns, the flexographic (aniline) printed ink layer is 10 microns thick, and the screen printed ink layer thickness far exceeds the above ink. The thickness of the layer is generally up to about 30 microns. Thick screen printing for printed circuit boards with an ink layer thickness of up to 1000 microns. Braille is printed with foaming ink, and the thickness of the ink layer after foaming can reach 1300 microns. The screen printing ink layer is thick, the printing quality is rich, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong, which is incomparable with other printing methods. Screen printing can be done not only in monochrome, but also in color and screen color printing.



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