The result of deterioration of the lubricating oil

Gasoline engine and diesel engine oil should be in contact with higher temperature components such as cylinders, pistons, etc. during work, and also affected by high temperature gas. Its working conditions are harsh. In recent years, the compression ratio of automobiles has increased and the load has increased, and therefore, the demand for lubricating oil has become higher and higher. In use, the lubricant is also more susceptible to deterioration.

The result of deterioration of the lubricating oil not only shortens the service life of the lubricating oil but also damages the engine. Therefore, measures need to be taken to delay the deterioration of the lubricating oil during engine operation.

1. Use lubricating oil with quality requirements

Whether the quality of the lubricating oil is good or bad is very easy to deteriorate when it is used. When the lubricating oil is used in a diesel engine or a gasoline engine, the properties related to the deterioration tendency are mainly viscosity, clean dispersion, and oxygen and corrosion resistance.

If the viscosity is too large, the more rubber film is formed in the piston area, the piston skirt and the inner cavity; if the annual is too small, the sealing between the cylinder and the piston ring is not strict, the lubricating oil will be diluted by the fuel oil, and the gas will enter the crankcase. To make the lubricant easy to precipitate, it is necessary to use a certain viscosity of the lubricant.

When the clean dispersibility is not good, it is easy to form a film and a precipitate. The film is a viscous substance that causes the piston to bond in the piston ring groove and lose its elasticity without sealing, which accelerates the dilution and precipitation of the lubricating oil. The clean dispersibility of the lubricating oil is mainly improved by the addition of a detergent dispersant. Therefore, the automotive grease manufacturers vehicle engine lubricating oil is uniformly added with a detergent dispersant, otherwise it will deteriorate quickly. The operating temperature of the diesel engine is higher, so more detergent dispersant is added to the diesel engine oil. Turbocharged, high speed, high load engines contain more and more efficient detergents. When some gasoline engines use gasoline engine oil, if it is found to be deteriorated quickly, consider using diesel engine oil instead.

When the anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance is not good, the lubricating oil is easily oxidized and polymerized to rapidly increase the viscosity, and the organic acid is corroded by the organic acid. Improving the anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance is also achieved by adding an anti-oxidation anti-corrosion agent. Therefore, engine oils for automobiles should be added with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion agents.

2. Strengthen maintenance, use lubricating oil coarse, fine filter and air filter correctly

The history of lubricating oil coarse and fine filter technology filters out impurities and precipitates in lubricating oil, so it can extend the service life of lubricating oil. Therefore, after stopping every day, the handle of the coarse filter should be turned 1-2 times, clean the fine filter according to the regulations, check the filter element and replace it in time; often clean the coarse and fine precipitates in the filter. In addition, care should be taken to keep the filter oil path open. The filter element filter should be flat and properly pressed to avoid increasing the gap and reducing the filtration effect.

The dust content in industrial atmosphere is as high as 0.0037-g/m3, and the number in the suburbs and residential areas is also half. In recent years, the northern part of the country is affected by sandstorms in spring, and the dust content in the atmosphere has also increased several times. If it enters the engine with air, it will lubricate. Oil hazards and engine wear are serious. Therefore, the air filter should be cleaned and changed according to regulations, and the area with a lot of dust should be shortened for cleaning and oil change. The paper filter element should be replaced with a period of no more than 2000km.



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