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Madonna and Lady Gaga have the choice to be obscure with their CD packaging designs simply because they are already established musicians. A great CD packaging is especially important to rising new artists. A well-known band may or may not include a long info about them inside the CD packaging because well…they do not find it necessary anymore because most people already know them.
This is just to give you some small insights in conceptualizing your CD packaging if you are a new artist.We all know the relevance of CD packaging in the retail business and the music industry. It is very likely that they already have big websites and many people are following their every tweet. If you are a new and rising artist, adding real freebies (and by that real I mean, 100% free items) could be effective in increasing album sales. They do not even have to put a picture of their faces in the CD packaging and people would still buy their albums. Introduce yourself and your music to the whole world. They are already popular, thus they have more freedom to experiment and be obscure with their CD packaging designs. The more popular an artist is the more he can get away with being vague with his CD packaging design. One good example of this is the band KISS. New and rising artists, on the other hand, need to be clearer with their names. If you are a new musician trying to conceptualize an attention-grabbing CD packaging design for your upcoming album, you should bear in mind that although it is good to appreciate the CD packaging designs of popular bands, it is not always wise to work on the same style or template as theirs.
Popular musician’s name may not be very clear and may not even show up in the CD packaging; new musicians’ name should standout from afar. New artists, on the other hand, should maximize their CD packaging and use it as an avenue for self-promotion. Who would want a figurine or toy from an anonymous band? Work on your music first before you sell nonmusic items. New fans and friends of new fans get curious about you and would love to know you more. The design should also say a lot about the musician and the album. You, on the other hand, have to get noticed first. The design should also reflect the style and personality of the musicians and the kind of music they make. They sell KISS collectibles like lunch boxes, t-shirts, toys, figurines, and many others. Popular musicians can sell merch, new musicians have to focus on their music first You become an established musician simply because many people love your music. Freebies are supposed to be 100% free and should not increase the price of the actual album at all. Since the internet downloads and piracy are killing the music retail industry, they found a good way to earn using other means. The consumer would instantly think that he’s getting more from what he’s paying.
Afterall, you would not be doing this on your 4th or 5th album. Some very popular bands include collector’s items that are more expensive than the actual album-like t-shirts and toys- and still get plenty of sales. Here are some things that the popular bands can do but the new artists cannot when it comes to the music retail business and the design of the CD packaging: Popular musicians can be more obscure with the CD Packaging; new artists should be clear with what the album is all about. It increases album sales, it helps define the musicians’ style and personality, and it has artistic value. You cannot do this if you are still a new band. But do not include something that is more expensive than a key chain unless you have a major sponsor. They do not have to show big and bold fonts of their names or their album names if their faces are already on the cover. Remember, you should make your CD packaging design thinking that no one knows you-that you are introducing yourself to the world for the very first time. Do not include something https://www.xh-pack.com/ that would increase the price of your album significantly. Only when you’re famous can you sell non-music items and get a good profit from it. Significant= or more. If many people love your music, you become famous. Popular musicians may or may not include a brief bio or discography inside the CD packaging, new musicians should. There are no hard CD packaging design rules and I am not suggesting that you surrender to conformity.
Popular musicians can include more expensive “freebies”, new musicians should not add something that’s more expensive than the album itself. They are still trying to squeeze themselves in the music industry and CD packaging is one avenue for their music and their band to get noticed. Some popular musicians however include “freebies” but increase the amount of the album by a few dollars.


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