Meanwhile back to the dreary subject

Where is the nearest portable or fixed fire fighting equipment? is it in date?, has it been tested?, will it do what you want it to do the day you really need it? The administration of safety in machinery spaces invariably comes down to well kept documentation, good leadership and regular practice. The difficulty of course nearly always lies with time, inconvenience and motivation  this is where a good Chief Engineer worth his salt will lead the way. He finds the time, he makes the effort. I recently stayed in a hotel where several of the portable fire extinguishers I looked at (in passing) were either out of date for test, undercharged or had the anti tamper tags missing.S. A simple graph with a trend line heading into an unable to charter zone can be most effective.O.

On ships in the past I have found discussing such emotive issues with senior figures much easier by the use of an expression along the lines of Sir, I cannot guarantee the safety or reliability of this equipment until we have proven it This approach can also help to produce the necessary funds to buy equipment or spares, especially when used in conjunction with well prepared trend analysis. Involve everyone, get the newest person onboard to let off a fire extinguisher for real (preferably not a dry powder inboard) under supervision of course, the right way up and in the right direction, what colour is the right one, oh dear they are nearly all red now ! Make learning fun but productive, encourage competition, prove a fire and bilge pumps capacity by checking the discharge pressure and length of water jet against manufacturers specifications forward versus aft!

Meanwhile back to the dreary subject of paperwork, ensure the ships general orders and engineering departmental orders have been written, read and signed for by each member of the engineering team? How many copies of C.P are there onboard, COS what? Isnt that the Adjacent over the Hypotenuse? Try to make sure that weighty tome it isnt being used to bolster up the inboard side of the junior engineers mattress in case of beam sea conditions!

 It is also good practice to have Start/Stop routines posted next to each piece of equipment; it is amazing the number of fires and floods that are successfully dealt with by someone knowing how to stop feeding the problem with either the fuel, air or electricity supply. On reporting my findings to reception I was treated with some suspicion three phase motors Manufacturers rather than thanks. Even when re fuelling the boat, why not make bunkering a whole ship evolution, break out the fire fighting gear, and check the MARPOL equipment and personnel responsibilities against the SOPEP (the what?  see what I mean!). These features are considered in some quarters, to be an encumbrance rather than a safeguard for the future.


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