The attacks on your person or property

  The aim is to blind the attacker sufficiently to make an effective escape whilst he is least expecting it. Nonetheless, if she can deliver a powerful kick to the chest, this can seriously injure her attacker. 

For example a woman who is being attacked by a man twice her size will need to assess the extent to which just utilizing gross motor moves will be adequate to change the situation to her advantage. She can use one of the most popular self defense moves  a kick to the groin of the attacking male.The martial arts generate many self defense moves.There are a great variety of self defense moves. We are not in an ideal world however and as the crime rate increases more persons are opting to learn self defense moves. Should the attacker move to defend his eyes (a natural instinct) the counter attack can move to other areas of his body including a powerful kick to his groin. A more powerful opponent may however pack more punch into these moves and therefore it is important that self defense moves involve evasive tactic. They believe that using these moves in a confrontation can save their lives.

 This is very painful to the attacker and if done with an element of surprise will immobilize him sufficiently to allow for an escape. They can be mainly categorized into moves using the powerful motor muscles and those which target the attacker with a view to maiming or immobilizing him. Self defense moves which involves pushing, pulling, kicking and throwing will utilize the motor muscles. Aiming for the attacker’s eyes is another good self defense move. A very firm and decisive kick to this area is enough to immobilize the attacker allowing time to break away and seek help. Care must be taken however to ensure that they are taught realistically and involve physical contact likely to simulate that of a real life encounter. The testicles in men are very tender and an area which is also fairly accessible if the attack is from the front.In an ideal world there would be no need to learn self defense moves.

  Learning the various moves is great. It is therefore important to choose self defense moves wisely and implement them decisively. Karate, jujitsu and tae-kwon-do to name a few have many self defense moves.Having assessed the situation, the woman may decide that in addition to motor moves, she also needs to use some self defense moves which will slow down or immobilize her attacker.

 The attacks on your person or property would not exist.Another useful self defense move is to hit the attacker in the throat when the attack is from the side. This technique can also be a follow up to pushing off the attacker’s chin with both hands if attacked from the front.The simpler the self defense move, the Nema motors more likely it is to succeed in the event of an attack. This tactic must be implemented without delay and decisively or it will be blocked by the attacker who will see it coming. Using complicated, unrealistic self defense moves increases the likelihood of forgetting the routine and gives the attacker an even greater advantage



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