Analysis of the best crusher for crushing gangue

In recent years, the gangue is not only seen as a type of solid waste that is in large amount any longer, but as a new resource, and it has been widely used in many departments such as chemistry, building materials and metallurgy, and for this reason, a relevant coal crushing plant is researched and developed.

It is known that the gangue is not only used for making bricks, but as an auxiliary material in the cement production, and for generate electricity. However, no matter using it to make bricks or produce cement or generate electricity, it is necessary to crush the gangue and then turn it to valuable material.At present, there are many types of equipment in the market that can be used for crushing gangue, and the most commonly used equipment includes reversible hammer crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher and single-stage tertiary impact crusher. Which aggregate processing plant has the most efficient crushing effect when used for crushing gangue? Now we will analyze it using gangue crusher to make bricks.

Seen from the discharged material granularity: the granularity of the gangue material that is crushed by the ring hammer crusher is 30mm, by the reversible hammer crusher is 3mm, and by the single-stage tertiary impact crusher is 5 which is the most suitable for producing cement and bricks.Seen from the production procedures: The materials that are crushed by the ring hammer crusher and the reversible crusher, if used for making bricks and cement, need to be recrushed in the powder grinding mill, but the single-stage tertiary impact crusher is able to realize the goal that that materials will reach the granularity requirement after sing stage crushing.

Seen from the crushing effect: The single-stage tertiary impact crusher manufactured by our company has great crushing effect in limestone brick making and building wastes brick making, and reversible hammer crusher and the ring hammer crusher has great crushing effect in raw coal and fine coal brick making.From the above analysis, we can see that no matter from the production investment or the crushing effect, the DPX single-stage tertiary impact crusher independently researched and developed by our company is the best crushing equipment for crushing gangue.



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