Application of flotation column in ore dressing plant

The industrial flotation equipment in the mining mechanical market has made great development achievements in recent years, and the improvement of the flotation machine technology significantly enhances the output and production efficiency of the ore beneficiation plant.The flotation method of the flotation column which is one of the crusher plant in pakistan originated from Canada and it is originally used in the concentration of molybdenum concentrate. In 1980,a double-column flotation unit was installed in the molybdenum return circuit in the mine of Gaspe, Canada and achieved good ore dressing effects.

This flotation column unit replaced the mechanical flotation machine of the concentrate series. From then on, many countries in North America installed the flotation column in the copper and silica sand plant to concentrate molybdenum minerals and the flotation column began to spread to other countries in the world and was used for coarse and sweep separating various ores and rocks. The flotation column has been the topic of the international conference for twice in three years.

After comparing the flotation results of chromites by the flotation column and traditional flotation cell, we can see that the separating effect of the flotation column is better. After researched by technicians, the flotation column has been used in the flotation of coal powders. And in the future it will have wider application in processing rocks and ores to be deslimed and concentrated after being fine ground.



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