AR2257-005 Social Status x Air Jordan 6

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Yesterday, Jordan Brand launched the NBA All-Star series, in which a pair of special materials Social Status x Air Jordan 6 attracted the attention of Xiaobian. Today, the official map is released, let us take a look. Social Status x Air Jordan 6 is inspired by the title of “Black Cat”, which is made of black horsehair and snakeskin. With the iconic purple of the Charlotte Hornets, the details are noble. In response, the insole is also purple. It is worth mentioning that the heel is the same as the black and red 6 generation, with the most OG Nike Swoosh. The upper edge of the upper is made of high-quality leather, which shows high specifications.

Nike Air Max Light was originally born in 1989. To celebrate its 30th birthday, Nike deliberately returned with OG's color-matched Air Max Light. Nike Air Max Light is mainly white, with different shades of blue to highlight the color layering. At the same time, add gray to make the overall color match a more harmonious atmosphere. The upper is made of nub leather and mesh to ensure texture while enhancing breathability. The midsole is equipped with a visual Air Max air cushion for everyday commuting and jogging.

On the European and American music circles,2019 Sneakers Release, a non-brand manager, can be said to be numerous. But the shoe king in Sneakerhead may not be DJ Khaled. Not only does the brand deliberately send him a limited amount of shoes, he can always receive various over-limits through various relationships. Recently, he has released a pair of ultra-limited Air Jordan 6 Oregon PE shoes. The black suede upper is embellished with details such as a fluorescent green midsole and a heel flap. The upper is also vented into the Oregon “O” logo, which is very unique. Through his video on Twitter, you can see that he likes this pair of shoes very much. However, the speed of this pair of shoes, he is afraid to lose to the NBA shoe king P.J. Tucker. Because as early as 3 days ago, the Rockets played against the squad, Tucker was already on the foot of this pair of over-limit sneakers.



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