This ideal way

This ideal way of watering prevent mould and mildew as well as plant decay as the water does not stand in the pot. The water crystals can store water for up to 8 weeks as it gradually releases water to plants when needed.Water crystals is easy to prepare.simply place water crystals in a bowl and pour in water and leave for between 6/8 hours.

Water crystals are made from polyacrylamide a non-toxic biodegradable substance that will help nourish and water your plants and cut flower. It is not only a substitute for soil which is messy, attracts flys and bugs and foul smell. Plants potted in water crystals benefit from vigrous growth which is devoid from tradtional methods

The water crystals will expand to up 150 times their original size and once expanded will look like coloured jelly balls and when potted in a clear vase will look crystalised. Water crystals are perfectly suited for table centrepieces and flower arrangements as well as wedding decorations, table decorations and centrepiece wedding die casting manufacturer etc

This solution is ideal when on vacation or you want an exotic finish to your flower arrangements. But is a more than an able replacement for marbles which are not as exotic and are expensive.

Water crystals aka crystal soil is a colourful, bio-degradable, translucent and odourless replacement for soil

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