An awful lot of people have had nasty

An awful lot of people have had nasty accidents trying to watch TV in their bathroom. Even though people know that water and electricity do not mix the lure of bathroom TV has proved too much for some people. At best they have ended up balancing a TV on a chair and plugging it in via an extension cable from a plug outside the bathroom. Not a bad solution on the surface except that the condensation gets into the TV causing it to break. In some cases the condensation has turned the TV into a lethal weapon that gives a nasty shock when touched or blows upFaucet Ceramic Cartridges Manufacturers causing serious injury. Some people have even been stupid enough to balance the TV at the end of the bath and run the risk of the TV falling in the bath electrocuting and killing them.

Luckily, now there is a solution in the form of modern bathroom TVs.

The Modern Way to Enjoy Bathroom TV

The modern way to enjoy bathroom TV is to buy a set that has been specifically designed for use in bathrooms. These TV sets are sealed, so are waterproof and cannot be affected by condensation. They have special screens that do not steam up and the remote controls are designed to be used by people with damp hands.

Modern bathroom TVs have flat screens, so they can be mounted out of the way on a wall. It is even possible to buy one that can double as a mirror. Most of these TVs come in with built in Freeview, so you can choose from a wide choice of channels.

Where to Buy Your Bathroom TV

Not many High St electrical stores stock China Shower Panels Suppliers these specialist TVs, but they are relatively easy to find online using the search term 'bathroom TV'. It is important to buy from a well-established and reputable firm. Check the guarantee offered and make sure that the TV is shower proof and protected against the effects of temporary immersion. You need not pay a fortune for your bathroom TV, but make sure you buy a good quality one.